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“If you’re not turning your company into a “math house” you’re headed for serious trouble. Every industry will soon be driven by digitization and every winning company will be using algorithms, or mathematical rules for processing information, to shape the end-to-end customer experience.” -Ram Charan, Best-Selling Author and Global CEO Advisor


India is in the middle of a digital transformation. Traditional businesses are being challenged by technology-led agile businesses. New age digital startups have morphed into platforms where customers interact and indicate their preferences. New algorithms and data are spurring constant product innovation, all aimed at making the consumer experience richer.

Clearly, the new strategy for any company in the world we live in ought to be one that charts for itself a digital roadmap and leverages technology to meet a customer’s requirements without involving middlemen. Companies such as Amazon are fine examples of digitised, customer-centric enterprises. Venture capitalists have accelerated the digital transformation by providing ample resources for companies to scale up quickly.

Digital is, inevitably, the future for businesses. But, how does a traditional company make the transition?

In a hands-on, experiential session, Ram Charan, Best-Selling Author and Advisor to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, will explain how and why companies should redesign the way they do business, led by algorithms and numbers. Charan, through the all-day intensive workshop, will show how digital platforms can create value for traditional businesses, what blocks them from being true participants in the transformation, and how to connect people and numbers to build great products.

This programme is limited to 15 companies on a first-come, first-serve basis and will offer customised learning solutions to participants.

 Workshop Agenda
- Future Forward: Unstoppable external trends that will change industries and have implications on companies
- The Disrupters: Bold digital companies that are changing industries and recrafting their destiny
- Embracing Digital: Learning digitisation and algorithms and using these to shape new strategy
- Points of Action: Preparing, designing and implementing the new strategy
- Change Management: Strategies to successfully travel through the transition period and establish the new strategy
- Look Within: Transforming internal organisation to enable execution of digital-driven strategy
- Elevate: Preparing a new leadership pipeline
- On the Court: Practical sessions for each of the participants

 Why Attend?
- Be inspired by new ideas and thinking
- Think about the business model and strategy for not just your company but the entire ecosystem of your business
- Access the latest digital and business ideas presented by a global thought leader
- Find answers to your organisation’s challenges
- Network with the best and brightest in the industry
- Learn how to implement your plans
- Develop your plans to reflect best practices in digital transformation
- Grow the competitiveness of your organisation with unique insights and training

Who Should Attend?
- C-Suite executives from organizations looking to explore the digital platform
- Senior management leaders from digital companies interested in global trends and strategy
- Business leaders from various industries looking to develop transformative leadership pipelines in their companies

Dr. Ram Charan Dr. Ram Charan Business Advisor & CEO Coach, Global Best-Selling Author

Hotel Taj Lands End
Byramji Jeejeebhoy Road
Bandstand Road, Mt Mary
Bandra West
Mumbai 400050

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Blending the best global practices with practical sessions, this hands-on training programme offers top management executives real business ideas suited to their organisational needs. Developed exclusively for a select pool of participants, the upcoming session is limited to 15 companies on a first-come first-serve basis.


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