Due Diligence for M&A, PE & VC Deals
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Effective due diligence is one of the most critical steps in successful Mergers, Acquisitions, Private Equity & Venture capital deals. VCCircle Training’s one day training course on “Due Diligence for Mergers, Acquisitions, Private Equity & Venture Capital Deals” provides an understanding of the concept and obligations of a due diligence investigation as it relates to both public and private transactions including acquisitions, disposals and fund raisings. Practical advice is given on the fundamental principles, techniques and procedures of due diligence and on the different objectives in the due diligence process, covering commercial, Financial, Tax and Legal Due Diligence and also the more specialised areas of investigation i.e Environmental Due


Benefit of Attending
- Understand and gain maximum benefit from each aspect of due diligence
- Learn how to link separate investigations to improve your cost‐effectiveness and time management

- Strengthen your negotiating position by gaining a thorough understanding of Due Diligence
- Learn to avoid acquiring a company that will reduce your company's value
- Improve the tax efficiency of the transaction by understanding tax due diligence
- Ensure that you know how to address all legal requirements and obligations
- Prepare for integration in advance through effective due diligence processes


Who Should Attend?
This Workshop has been designed for all those involved in acquisitions or strategic alliances, whether in strategic planning, appraisal, negotiation or valuation including:

. Managing Directors                                    . Venture Capitalists
. Directors of Strategic Planning                    . Private Equity Investors
. Financial Directors                                     . Corporate Lawyers
. Company Secretaries                                 . In house Lawyers
. Professional Advisers

Session 1: Due Diligence Overview
• What is Due Diligence?
• Main Elements of Due Diligence;
• Aligning Priorities to main risks;

Session 2: Financial Due Diligence
• What is Financial Due Diliigence?
• Types of Financial Due Diligence;
• Process & Key Benefits;
• Focus Areas;
• Limitation;

Session 3: Legal Due Diligence a necessary evil... ?
• Why is it necessary & important?
• Process & Various steps involved
• Legal Due Diligence Challenges & its Resolutions
• Practical Insight
     ‐ Mock Diligence,
     ‐ Case Studies,
     ‐ Questions & Answers.

Session 4: Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) – Managing the Environmental and Related Risks
•  What is EDD?
•  Necessity of an EDD
•  Different Elements and Approaches in the Process
•  Outcome of such a study
•  Value provided to the transaction (with examples)

Session 5: Tax Due Diligence ‐
• Importance of Tax Due Diligence
• Approach to be adopted
• Typical Issues & Solutions
• Impact on Transactions
• Case study

Session 6: Commercial Due Diligence ‐ Key to understanding value in an acquisition
• Purpose & elements of Commercial Due Diligence
• Published & Unpublished information sources,
• Accessing unpublished information

Session 7: Open House – Q & A
• How to address issues from Due Diligence?
• What would be a deal breaker from Due Diligence findings?
• Live Case Studies

Amit Zutshi Amit Zutshi Director - Head of Commercial Advisory, Ernst & Young
Vijay Iyer Vijay Iyer Partner, Deloitte Touche & Tohmatsu India Pvt Ltd
Simone Reis Simone Reis Co- Head - M&A Practice, Nishith Desai Associates
Masood Mallick Masood Mallick MD, ERM India Private Limited

Intercontinental The Lalit


In case of queries, please email us at training@vccircle.com


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