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VCCircle Team – Keep up the good work

Pramaprit Singh Bakshi
Founder, True Sight Venture
M&A and Corporate Restructuring

Very good refresher of valuation with lots of practical example

Pushkar Jauhari
Vice President, Khazanah India Advisors
Business Valuation with Aswath Damodaran

Keep up the good work

Drafting Investment Agreement

Good organization and good content

Shivraj Singh
Senior Analyst, HU Consultancy
Negotiation & Documentation for PE,VC and M&A Deals

The Speaker has loads of experience, insight and out of box thoughts to share

Liew Yah Ling
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, BOC Aviation
Business Valuation with Aswath Damodaran

Upcoming Courses

VCCircle Training's upcoming workshop on Structuring and Negotiation of PE and M&A Deals will enhance your negotiation, deal making and structuring skills, which can immediately be put into practice. The course provides an in-depth understanding of technicalities involved in clear and thoughtful terms negotiation, proper deal structuring know-how to maximize the return and unambiguous documentation to avoid pitfalls.

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Date: 11 - 12 Jun, 2015
Venue: Mumbai

The prevailing business and economic situation affects a company’s valuations. The value of a company is determined with the help of professional insight, along with an in-depth knowledge of valuation techniques and methodologies. 

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This course combines forensic accounting with fraud investigation and explains to the participants the nature of financial fraud, how to detect fraudulent activities, and most importantly how to investigate any type of financial fraud. The training focuses on audit techniques, fraud detection techniques, accounting and law, practically auditing and investigation of frauds, collection of evidence/documentation which can stand the test of legal scrutiny and write factual reports.

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Date: 25 - 26 Jun, 2015
Venue: Mumbai

Increasing mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring activities are a sign of a maturing market. India is emerging as a active market for M&A activity. During the first half of this year M&A activity grew by 30.68% to USD 23 billion on a YOY basis. In the first six months of 2014, M&A deals worth USD 23 billion were recorded, while the value in the same period in the previous year was USD 17.6 billion.

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